Wheel of the Year

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about what we represent and ourselves. Wheel of the Year (WOTY) was founded as a nondenominational Pagan church. Wheel of the Year does no teach one particular path but does have covens and groups working with us. We are here to provide a forum for Pagans to network, gather information, and build a community. At this time Wheel of the Year is rebuilding and needs your help to start up it's mission of offering service and being a community hub to help out all Pagans and Witches during the hardships of the current time. And to also prepare for the times coming ahead. We are dedicated here at Wheel of the Year to be an active voice and not shoving our heads into the sand, and hoping that things will turn out for the best. So please join us and make a difference!

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Classes forming!

We are scheduling classes and a Book Study group at local shops. Check back for scheduled time and locations